Friday, September 12, 2014

Uber is over; fuck the hedgies, take a cab

Who wouldn't want to save a couple of bucks on a cab ride?

Hey, that's everybody!

Yet, every cabbie I've ever met is a regular guy, occasionally a gal, who works really long hours for very modest pay.

Why would I want to screw over their livelihood to save five bucks on a trip to the airport?

As is often the case, this latest assault on workers is being passed off as a great boon to consumers. Yes, you may very well save a couple of bucks on that Uber ride.

At the expense of a career cab-driver.

The entire novelty of Uber presumes that some reified ideal-type "consumer" should dictate the structure of the economy.

And while a dollar or two "saved" here and there may seem like small potatoes, millions of cab rides a day add up to enough boodle that a bevy of hedgies and venture capital types and even big fat Google are banking, and I mean BANKING, on Uber screwing enough old-school cab drivers out of enough business to make this Uber venture potentially worth $200 billions.

Fuck the hedgies.

Take a cab.

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