Saturday, September 27, 2014

US Ambassador urges Canada aboard anti-ISIS bandwagon

US Ambassador Bruce Heyman, a long-time Goldman Sachs director and Obama bagman, was on the CBC today exhorting Canadians to join the battle against those most evil evil-doers of all time, the Islamic fundamentalists formerly known as ISIS, ISIL, and originally the Free Syrian Army, and funded by the US via her proxy states in the region as recently as a couple of weeks ago.

Mr. Heyman was short on specifics as to exactly why our one-time anti-Assad freedom fighters are so horrifically awful, or why they pose a threat to Canada. His strategy appears to be to appeal to the inner warriors of the Harper gang and count on them to drag this country into matters that in no way are any of our concern.

And because the Harper gang is full of frustrated desk jockeys who fancy themselves military strategists, that is bound to be a winning strategy.

Little questions like why? for how long? what will it cost? can be safely brushed aside as Ottawa's freedom fighters pursue their dreams of freedom-fightin' glory.

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