Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Obama promises to crush ISIS but give more guns to "Syrian opposition"

Well there's a mind-fuck!

Anybody with a moderate IQ who has been following the US-engineered shit-show in Syria has figured out long ago that ISIS is the meat and potatoes of the Syrian opposition.

So we're going to crush them and arm them at the same time?

Alrighty then!

...and now we've got perpetual war-monger Senator McCain on our CNN screens screaming about how Obama's latest bon-bons to the war profiteers are not nearly enough...

Well, that part is probably right.

The Exxon/Carlyle/ Eric Prince crowd will never think American war-mongering is mongering enough war...

The calibre of arguments on display this evening is discouraging indeed. America is a bankrupt nation that cannot afford to educate her children or provide health care to her suffering.

But it looks like the American taxpayer is gonna be shelling out another trillion to keep the Arab masses pissed off...

...and the warmongers rich!

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