Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Just because you lived in Virginia for 20 years doesn't automatically make you a CIA stooge

Then again, maybe it does!

You gotta love the way our mainstream media tippy-toes around this guy as a "retired general."

Yup, 20 years in Virginia, a short drive from Langley, like about a three iron drive, but he's just a regular Libyan dude who happened to settle in the neighbourhood

Because Khalifa Haftar was just one of hundreds of regular Libyan dudes who coincidentally chose to settle down right nearby CIA headquarters.

And why not? The shopping is good, the climate is accommodating, and the rent is reasonable, all the more so when it's being paid by some anonymous American entity related to the security apparatus.

Yes, it was a sweet deal these Libyan ex-pats scored for themselves.

You don't think the CIA Welcome Wagon might have come with strings attached, do you?

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