Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hilliard Macbeth guns for self-fulfilling prophecy

He's a sly one, that Macbeth.

He's wagering a career's worth of credibility in this one shot at creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.


So then of course everybody runs out and lists their Canadian houses and condos, and whoopsie... there goes the Canadian real estate market!

Everybody's a seller, and the only buyers will be opportunistic bottom-feeder "investors."

Hilliard would be forever commemorated as the genius who predicted the collapse of the housing market.

Coincidentally, Macbeth has a new book out that predicts the collapse of the housing market. Having Big Steve talk up the book on national media is going to goose sales 1000%.

I gotta get hold of Macbeth's PR team and hire them to promote Falling Downs. I'd own the blogosphere in no time at all!

Here's the truth about Canadian real estate values. There's really good values to be found in a great swath of rural Canada. There are many small towns within a two hour commute of Toronto where a very liveable abode, with a yard, can be found for $150,000 or less.

But the closer you get to Toronto, or the other boom cities that have the jobs and attract the new Canadians, the higher prices climb, and the more onerous the impediments to development become.

Supply restricted; demand rising. Economics 101.

His new book is called When the Bubble Bursts. Amazon has it on for $20.30 right now.

Guess I just saved you a twenty and change.

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