Friday, September 19, 2014

Porsches and Ferraris at Falling Downs

I was chilling on the front stoop with the Farm Manager this evening, when I saw something slinky and red coming round the S bends...

Holy shit, a Ferrari Testa Rossa! On Con 20 in Grey County!

How the fuck does that happen?

Well, let me tell you how it happens.

Up here in the upper reaches of Grey County, on Concession Road 20, we don't normally see Ferraris.

In fact, we don't see much of anything. Me and the Farm Manager can sit on the front stoop for three hours in an evening and all that goes by is a couple of cars, a few pick-up trucks, and a tractor or two.

But since the folks down the road at the Cobble Beach golf course started up this Concours shit last year, that's changed.

Last weekend we had heavy duty Porsche caravans snaking through the S bends every couple of hours. I'm talking about a convoy of 911s whistling past the farm at a "brisk" pace. Seems the Porsche people had a couple of trailer loads of new 911s at the Cobble Beach Concours, and I'm guessing that these convoys were test drives for media folks or prospective clients.

I don't fit into either of those categories.

But I did find out an interesting fact not too long ago. Seems that when the township first surveyed these parts, they forgot to register title for the bit of Concession 20 that cuts through the middle of my farm.

That would be the S-bends.

In other words, I own the road.

Ya, the Porsche guys may think they own the road. Buddy in his Testa Rossa no doubt thinks he owns the road too...

Hey folks... I actually own the road! Literally! For real!

I'm putting in a toll both in time for next year's Cobble Beach Concours.

So here's a heads up to all you fancy-pants Porsche and Ferrari types; if you want to pass by my stretch of Concession 20, I'll have a turn at the wheel of your car!

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