Thursday, September 18, 2014

Harper snubs grand opening of "Museum of Human Rights"

Not too often the think tank here at Falling Downs agrees with a Big Steve call, but Harper's decision to give the inauguration of the Museum of Human Rights a wide berth is the right one.

Originally conceived as a legacy project for the rabidly Zionist Asper family, the Museum sucked up hundreds of millions of tax dollars, and promises to suck up hundreds of millions more in the years ahead.

Along the way, we witnessed many an unseemly battle between Jewish groups, Ukrainian groups, and Native groups about who's group had suffered the most.

Since the Harper magic has to convince all these groups to vote for Harper in the next election, he's making the right call in avoiding the inauguration, and the attendant controversies, altogether. Calling this a "scheduling conflict" is just political weasel-speak for keeping your head down.

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