Sunday, September 14, 2014

The toxicity of the Temporary Foreign Worker program

Had a get-together with extended family to celebrate the 60th wedding anniversary of my folks this afternoon.

Every single person there was an immigrant, which is just an oblique way of acknowledging that none of us have a Status card.

So we're all immigrants or the children of immigrants, and we come from here and there and everywhere, and what's wrong with that?

Point is, had there been a TFW program back in the day, my folks and all these other folks would have been shipped back to the old country as soon as their temporary work assignment was done.

They would not have been allowed to put down roots.

They would not have been allowed to buy homes, start families, start businesses, bring their relatives over, raise children here, send those children on to university or the workforce, or see the next generation start a new wave of businesses etc....

And so it went, and the nation benefited hugely.

Under the TFW program, they'd all have been kicked out after a couple of years.

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