Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New US bumboy in Kabul allows US troops to stay after they leave

There's an Orwellian mind-fuck for ya...

This Ashraf Ghani chappie is obviously our cup of tea; check out his comments when his new government signed an agreement that will allow US troops to stay after they technically leave; "Today Afghanistan has regained its sovereignty as a power."


You regain your sovereign power by signing a deal that allows the occupiers to stay in your country, totally immune from your country's legal system?.. oh my, there's an Oxfordshire village cemetery got a spinning corpse with a great big boner right now...

Meanwhile Barry O sees this as an "historic day," as well he might.

In fact, he's looking forward to cementing "an enduring partnership that strengthens Afghan sovereignty, stability, unity, and prosperity."

Just like it has for the past 13 years...

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