Tuesday, September 23, 2014

America: Land of the Lobbyist and Home of the War Profiteer

Well, it's deja-vu all over again in the shock and awe department.

While Obama's recent turn towards a "don't do stupid stuff" foreign policy gave us hope for a short while, the return to stupider stuff, and lots of it, is enough to make a sane man weep.

But you know who's not weeping; the warmongers at Lockheed Martin, Dyncorp, GE, and all the rest of them.

Not for them to shed tears for another predictable disaster... it's gonna be a gold mine for them! It's nothing but tears of joy in the lairs of the war profiteers!

This moment is especially joyous because the latest evil-doers are rolling around the deserts of their Caliphate in American Humvees and Navstar trucks, fully kitted out with American small arms. Talk about a win-win!

Having constant war is one thing... having wars where you arm both sides is even better! And that's where we're at in this latest iteration of the War on Islam.

For Obama to do stuff this stupid took a lot of arm-twisting by a lot of lobbyists.

But trust me, it's gonna pay off big-time!

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