Friday, October 24, 2014

A brief glimpse of sanity in the MSM

CBC has this headline on view today; Should the West stop intervening in the Middle East?

Why hell ya!

While there are many details in Nahlah Ayed's article that one could quibble over, she at least deserves credit for raising a question that is more often studiously avoided by the mainstream press. Unfortunately, she and/or her editors at CBC lost their nerve and left us with an ambivalent conclusion.

Those sixty countries who have supposedly "signed up" for the war on ISIS are going to do what, exactly? Cheer-leading, for the most part. A handful of them, including Canada, have offered token material support for what is essentially a continuation of America's war on Islam. In the case of Canada, that means offering six fighter jets for six months.

That's not exactly a serious commitment to the cause.

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