Wednesday, October 8, 2014

NATO's weakest link will be the first domino to fall

It's definitely NOT coming up roses for the wily Erdogan these days.

Erdogan is being pushed into a corner by his NATO overlords. He has spent three years building up ISIS at their behest, and now that it's become more than obvious that ISIS has (supposedly) slipped its leash, he's being fingered by Biden as the shady dealer who has facilitated the rise of the Islamic State.

No wonder he's pissed!

Tonight, as the Turk army watches from across the border, NATO's Frankenstein is taking the city of Kobani in Syria, and ethnic Kurds are rioting in at least 30 major cities in Turkey.

The Erdogan regime almost collapsed not too long ago over plans to build a shopping mall.

Now it's caught between ISIS and NATO.

Realistically speaking, the Erdogan regime is a partner of both.

The Beltway nabobs are ready with an Erdogan replacement; Fethulla Gulen has been biding his time there in Pennsylvania, waiting for his turn in the spotlight.

Unfortunately for the masters of the universe, it is unlikely that their bumboy of choice could conjure up more than token support on the ground in Turkey.

Which means that going forward, Turkey is destined to become one of the ruined states like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria, that have been deliberately destroyed by American meddling.

This scenario isn't going anywhere good.

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