Friday, October 3, 2014

Hollande the Magnificent has austerity for workers but an extra billion to combat climate change

Workers are stupid.

Can they not see that saving the world from climate change is more important than their jobs?

What's a job worth compared to climate change?

That's why Francois Hollande is prepared to sacrifice the working class for the greater good!

And that underlines yet again one of the more problematic aspects of democracy.

Workers vote.

In France, it's not looking like many will vote for Hollande the Conqueror in the next go-round.

Hollande is in a bit of a pickle, and neither he nor his army of well-paid advisers can figure out why. Has he not saved Mali? The CAR?

And have French warplanes not led the way in that apocalyptic war on the Towelheads of Terror in the Islamic State?

And yet his poll standings plummet?

What is a great leader desperate for re-election to do?

Why, save the entire planet from climate change of course!

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