Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ebola can only spread because there's millions of first-worlders prepared to take a cheap holiday in someone else's misery

Johnny Rotten and the Sex Pistols sang about that back in 1977.

The so-called industry of tourism has never been about anything other than rich-world folks having a lark at the expense of the others.

I've always found the very concept repugnant.

Oh ya, the locals will do their traditional dance for a five dollar tip...

Fuck that.

Even for the most liberal and well-intentioned do-gooders on the planet, tourism is a trap.

But they fall into it willingly, and they protest its demise when tourism hotspots go out of bounds because, well, there are some "radicals" lurking in the underbrush on the route to their wilderness safari...

It's not about radicals.

It's about basic human dignity.

A cheap holiday in someone else's misery will never be anything other than opportunistic and exploitative, no matter how much the tourism "industry" tries to pretty it up.

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