Monday, October 13, 2014

ISIS rapidly gaining mainstream support throughout Arab world

This story about football fans chanting their support for Islamic State at a match in Morocco should give us pause.

But it won't.

Instead, today we are treated to yet another press release from Canada's know-nothing Foreign Minister, Baird the Bombastic. ISIL is just a gang of terrorists, don't you know, who are bent on raping and pillaging and slaughtering anyone who stands in their way as they seek to spread their hateful ideology throughout Iraq and Syria... which apparently reinforces our moral duty to stop their murderous rampage, which we will do in concert with "our allies."

That would be these folks:

Sorry Mr. Baird, your claim to the moral high ground rings a little hollow. We may have forgotten Abu Ghraib here in the Nations of Virtue, but you can bet they haven't in Iraq.

The reason Islamic State finds a receptive audience is because at long last the Arab street has a champion that promises to put the last hundred years of humiliation behind them.

In other developments, Baird also announced today that he is jetting to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to discuss our "strong and growing relationships" with the ruling elites of those flourishing democracies.

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