Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How long can Erdogan defy the Empire?

It should be obvious by now that America and the NATO me-too states are spoiling for a regional war in a last desperate attempt to have their way with Assad, and insofar as it is an "independent" proto-state (of which I'm not convinced) Islamic State as well. Unfortunately, the Coalition of the Courageous is determined to have others fight that war on their behalf.

That's proving to be a problem. The Washington warmongers can't at this point be seen to give Assad a reprieve in his fight with Isis. The next most effective anti-ISIS forces are the Shia, who will always have more allegiance to Iran. The Kurds are next up, but they have proven ineffective and are themselves waiting for a NATO intervention to save them from the NATO-created Islamic State.

That leaves Turkey. Having been pressured to take a leading role in the creation of ISIS, Erdogan is in no rush to be pushed into providing the boots for America's ground war in Syria. The utterly pathetic hypocrisy Biden voiced when he accused Turkey of creating ISIS recently didn't go over well. This blog speculated two years ago that Assad could very well outlast Erdogan, a result that seems even likelier today.

The news that Turkey's thirty-year war on its Kurds has become a hot war again can only hasten Erdogan's demise. The propaganda organs of the Empire have lavished a lot of fawning attention on the Kurds for the past couple of years. They're the people in the neighbourhood who Israel can work with, so they're obviously the good guys, although we have by some oversight neglected erasing them from our ever-fickle "terror" lists.

So, Erdogan gets begonced, a more pliable leadership will be installed, and voila, America's regional war will have its boots on the ground!

And NATO will be spared the incongruity of a member state in the crusader alliance governed by the Muslim Brotherhood.

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