Thursday, October 16, 2014

The stupidity of having losers provide combat training

The Al Jazeera network has a story on view that questions the efficacy of the billions of dollars the US taxpayer has spent in "training" foreign forces.

Well, that's a no-brainer. If you x out Grenada and Panama, the US military hasn't actually won anything since the 1940's, and even that is debatable. After all, any serious student of the WW 2 will readily acknowledge that it was the Red Army that won that one, not the US of A.

Somehow the US military-industrial complex is able to maintain the illusion of being the go-to guys for global dominance.

I don't know... sounds lame to me.

On 9-11, 19 towellers breached every bulwark of the most powerful nation on earth to bring down the twin towers... and that other tower, that was never hit by anything, a few hours later.

Then the most powerful nation on earth invaded Afghanistan, and left ten years later, declaring victory and pleading with the locals to let them stay a while longer, because there were more hearts and minds to be won, and a premature withdrawal would just hand the country to the towelheads who actually live there and own the place.

And then there was Iraq, the cradle of civilization, completely rubbished by the greatest democracy in the history of history... another great successful failure for the Washington warmongers.

But yet, we continue with the imbecilic charade of having to mobilize resistance to those who are resisting our tender ministrations of freedom and democracy...

Apparently all that our bum-boys need is a little more "training" from the guys who have lost every war they've started since 1945.

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