Friday, October 31, 2014

Canadian propaganda reminiscent of North Korea

That's the verdict of Kenneth Cukier, writing in the prestigious British publication The Economist.

Hey Ken, get over yourself; this is the new Canada, Harper's Canada! That stereotype of a modest and humble people, self-effacing and quietly punching above their weight... that's so Lester Pearson!

In the new, modern, Harperite Canada, we blabber incessantly about our leadership role in this and that, when the reality is something else entirely. John Baird's Dept of Foreign Affairs and International Salvation has told us dozens of times how Canada "leads" the global fight to save women and girls. Pure bupkis!

We are now a nation that brays loudly and carries a very modest stick indeed.

Our leaders crow constantly about punching above our weight when all that means is we're a Me-Too third-rate power dropping bombs on some failed state with no air defences, in some pathetic ploy to curry favour with the big dogs in Brussels and Washington.

Times have changed, Ken... meet the new Canada.

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