Wednesday, October 22, 2014

FLASHBACK: US training Kurds for operations in Syria and Iraq in 2005

Yup, they're definitely the sort of folks we can work with... 'cause we've been working with them forever!

We can work with them, Israel can work with them... hell they're just like us!

Except for that little issue of female genital mutilation that never ever gets so much as a passing mention in our Kurd-loving mainstream media.

Here at the Falling Downs think tank we don't take sides. There are a thousand and one shades of discrimination and exploitation afoot around the world. The point is, it's their business, not our business.

It is no longer a curious coincidence that the Nations of Virtue take exception to discrimination and exploitation only in countries where we have "strategic interests," also known as oil. The whole world despises us for our brazen hypocrisy.

Well, not the whole world... we still have the "community of nations" on our side.

You know as well as I do what a fraud that is.

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