Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Earth to Harper - 815 internationally renowned scientists gang up on Big Steve

In the Harper world, politics trumps science every time.

Big Steve has done his level best to stifle criticism on every front, but when it comes to federally funded science, he's got a really effective lever at his finger-tips.

Federal funding!

And Big Steve is not afraid to push the lever, which is why today you found an open letter, signed by 815 internationally renowned scientists, pleading with Big Steve to un-muzzle and re-fund Canada's scientists.

Ha! Are they ever barking up the wrong tree!

Harper's Alliance Church brain trust already know science is bullshit, so save your signatures, international scientists!

Stephen Harper is not one to be bullied by public opinion, or scientific evidence, or reality, or the signatures of 815 pinheads on a mere piece of paper.

Especially if those opinions belong to internationally renowned scientists who don't even vote in Canada.

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