Friday, October 17, 2014

That ain't no burqa... Fashion Week in Instanbul

Turkey is a very schizophrenic country. A functioning democracy ruled by an autocrat, a Muslim Brotherhood franchise, and a made member of the NATO gang all rolled into one fascinating ball 'o contradictions.

So while a majority of Turkish women wear head scarves, and burqas and niqabs can be seen in the streets, Istanbul also hosts a Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, brought to you by American Express.

That ain't no burqa, baby!

Hey, you could be in Milan or Paris! Sadly, this year could mark the final edition of the Mercedes Benz Istanbul Fashion Week. By next October those Islamic State types who Turkey has been manufacturing and shipping next door en masse for the past three years may be running the country. Instead, it'll be burqas and niqabs up and down the runways, at the Toyota Traditional Garment Festival Week.

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