Thursday, October 9, 2014

BE AFRAID AMERICA!!!... exploding Ebola-infected towelheads coming to an arena or shopping mall near you!

Sometimes you just gotta wonder who makes this shit up.

Oh, I see... "Israeli security sources"...

Well, it must be true then!

The fact that in 13 years of war on terror no sleeper cell or lone jihadist or self-radicalized jihadi has bothered any American mall or arena tells you one of two things; either American anti-terror operations are really really great, or the entire terror scare was a crock of shit from the get-go.

I'm inclined to think the latter explanation is the correct one.

That presents a problem for the war-mongers and their all-too-profitable military-industrial complex. How do you get the public to stay bought into paranoid fantasies year after year so they continue to acquiesce in the squandering of the treasury in the name of a war on imaginary terror?

That's why the war-mongers face the same problem as the porn industry; they have to continually up the ante just to keep the public's attention. What shocked us last time won't shock us next time.

So that's why you can now read about the perfect terror threat; Ebola-infected suicide bombers!

If the initial explosion doesn't kill or maim you and your family, the ensuing Ebola epidemic will...


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