Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Canada determined to host major rail disaster

And we're talking MAJOR here.

Apparently the sacrifice of 47 lives in Lac Megantic last year was just something we're to expect in the "business as usual" department, because mere days ago former CN boss Hunter Harrison was standing in front of a Senate committee crying about the government's over-reaction to that disaster.

So now we have a new disaster, at the great Canadian railroad that Hunter gutted before he gutted the other great Canadian railroad, and from all accounts it is only a matter of dumb luck that this didn't turn into another Lac Megantic.

Neither Lac Megantic nor this latest close call will silence the de-regulators and privatizers in their campaign for zero oversight of railroads. Sooner or later, one of these Bakken bombs will go off in the downtown of Winnipeg, instead of the outskirts of some out-of-the-way non-entity like Wadena.

Then we'll have hundreds or even thousands of deaths, instead of the mere dozens fried in Lac Megantic.

And you can bet that the Hunter Harrison types who have pocketed vast fortunes in making Canada's railroads less safe, will continue whining about over-regulation.

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