Thursday, October 16, 2014

Baby Biden busted for blow

Busted right out of the US Navy!

You have to love those alliterations, eh? I may not be the master of alliteration, but you gotta admit I'm a pretty serious amateur.

Now, I'd guess that if some hapless nigger from oh, someplace like Ferguson Mo. got busted out of the US Navy for cocaine consumption, we'd all agree it serves him right, and that the consequences, (a lifetime of unemployability eked out on the margins of society, in and out of jail and never out of poverty) are the just desserts for taking a taste of the Peruvian nose candy.

But if, on the other hand, a soiled and spoiled rich-kid douche-bag gets busted, we find it's only natural that he end up as... oh, maybe a big cheese in some investment house, and a leader in Ukraine's nascent fracking industry.

That's just the natural order of things, ain't it?

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