Sunday, October 5, 2014

So you think those ISIS terrorists are nasty? Wait till you meet the Mexican Police!

Revelations that a mass grave has been unearthed near Mexico City, presumed to contain the burned and mutilated bodies of 43 students last seen being taken into custody by Mexican police, should help us put the current Islamic State hysteria into perspective.

Although there have been many more beheadings in Mexico than there have been in the Islamic State, no one is calling for a Coalition of the Righteous to mount a crusade against Mexico.

We won't be bombing the Mexican police or the Mexican army or the Mexican drug cartel militias. After all, Mexico is our partner in Free Trade, not to mention our partner in the War on Drugs.

Which makes them good guys, no matter how many burned and mutilated bodies turn up in shallow graves, and no matter how may heads may be lopped off, and no matter how suspiciously and obviously the lines blur between police and army and drug cartel militias.

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