Friday, October 3, 2014

Thomas Walkom is thin edge of Canadian media willing to question war

He may have provided the thin edge, but it remains to be seen if that will lead to anything more substantial.

The entire Canadian political/media environment, from left to right to the most opportunistic shit-bags in the spectrum, (Hello Ezra!) take it for granted that this media fiction we have labelled "Islamic State" is so so evil that all good sense must be set aside so that we can climb aboard this latest crusade against evil Mooslims.

What danger do radical or not-so-radical Mooslims pose to Canada?

Have they bombed us?


So why are we bombing them?

Oh! I get it!... so we can piss them off enough to make them target us in the future!

Then we'll have a real enemy, and we'll be more beholden than ever to the military-industrial combine that has found this imaginary war so profitable from the get-go.

Voices against war are few and far between in mainstream  media.

It should be more than obvious by now that more bombs on Muslims create more Muslim "terrorists."

This totally opportunistic "coalition" joining the latest campaign against "terror" are creating more terror, not fighting it.

Too bad Walkom's is such a lonely voice.

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