Sunday, October 19, 2014

US Air Force now flying support missions for al Qaeda in Syria

Yup, that al Qaeda, our worst enemies who brought down the twin towers etc.

I was a little confused about the tale of the al Raqqa Brigades fighting ISIS in Kobani.

So I did a little research.

Far from "coming out of nowhere," ISIS was a well documented presence in Raqqa a year and a half ago.

Here's a nice over-view of the infighting among various jihadi groups that clearly shows that the al Raqqa Brigades abandoned the Free Syrian Army and aligned themselves with al Qaeda.

Here's a story that suggests the fall of Raqqa happened with the connivance of the Assad regime.

The city of Raqqa was the scene of much internecine combat between al-Qaeda aligned jihadis and ISIS factions. ISIS eventually prevailed.

That fight has in the last month been transferred to Kobani, where ISIS and the al Qaeda factions are again fighting for supremacy.

This battle is being sold in Western media as a Kurds vs. Islamic State struggle. In reality it's a continuation of the battle between ISIS and al Qaeda, in which the Kurds are backing al Qaeda.

And so is the USAF.

The USAF is now al Qaeda's Air Force!

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