Thursday, October 9, 2014

Class warfare of the future

I've noticed that even the poorest of poor kids can afford a smartphone.

Not only do they own them, a lot of these kids know how to use them too. In fact, I'll bet the poorest hoods in your town have some of the most savvy hackers.

How is this gonna play out down the road, as society gets more and more wrapped up in this "internet of things" that the apostles of progress are pushing on us?

Well, when I take a wrong turn in my Bentley, and find myself in the poorest of poor neighborhoods in, say, Chicago, some local hacking genius will disable all the digital control systems in my car. I'll be well and truly stuck.

Not just "stuck," but stuck in my Bentley in a ghetto inhabited by angry looking brown people.

Suddenly, it's shit-yer-pants-in-fear time.

Then a friendly tap on the window, and a friendly brown face tells me he saw on his smartphone that my car was hacked, and if I just hand him a few hundred dollars, or perhaps my wallet, my car will be magically good to go.

Oh ya! I can see this one working!

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