Thursday, October 2, 2014

Netanyahu's UN junket dings Israeli taxpayer's $1.4 millions

There's a bit of a flap afoot in the Holy Land over the cost of sending Bibi to New York to make a fool of himself in front of the UN General Assembly.

Apparently that cost the treasury a cool million four, not counting the extra cost of the Livni and Lieberman delegations, which easily added another half million or so.

Meanwhile, here in the Great White North, there's a flap afoot over Big Steve sending his private Airbus to Brussels to drop off a couple of EU bigs, at a cost to the Canadian taxpayer of $300,000.

Wait a minute... I know it's a longer airplane ride from Tel Aviv to New York than it is from Ottawa to Brussels, but $300k vs. 1.4 millions... it ain't that much longer!

Looks to me like somebody's been padding their expenses!

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