Saturday, October 4, 2014

Here's the National Endowment for Democracy fanning the embers in HK six months ago

These spontaneous outbursts of democratic activism that seem to erupt on a regular basis, most recently in Hong Kong, take a lot of organizing, planning, and orchestration before they blossom forth on the front pages of the world's newspapers.

Nobody does more to stir up these spontaneous rebellions than the non-partisan democracy promoters at the US government funded non-governmental organization the NED.

Pretty much every spontaneous eruption of democracy activism in the last thirty years has behind it a rich legacy of NED and related US government funded NGO's funding the organizing, planning, and orchestration. When Victoria Nuland boasted about the US having invested five billions in the spontaneous uprising in Ukraine that overthrew the democratically elected Yanukovych in Ukraine, this was the kind of "democracy promotion" she was talking about.

Unfortunately, as often as not, once America's pot-stirring succeeds in fomenting violence in the streets, the result is not "democracy," but disaster. Look how busy NED was promoting democracy in Libya when that little revolution sparked up.

And oddly enough, they were busy in Syria as well in that fateful year.

There's two great examples of how America's obsession with "democracy promotion" promotes anything but.

Not that a track record of abject failure will slow down the democracy promoters at the NED. After all, they've simply taken over what was once a CIA mandate; to sow dissent in societies that are not sufficiently slavish in their adoration of America.

It's got nothing to do with democracy. It's got everything to do with maintaining America's privileges as the unassailable Big Dog in the global dog pack.

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