Saturday, October 4, 2014

Pot apologizes for calling kettle "black"

I see where the dunce Joe Biden has had to do a bit of a climb-down and apologize to Turkey's wily Erdogan for having suggested that Turkey has facilitated the entry of Islamic extremists into Syria.

Biden was correct in making that accusation of course. Turkey has been complicit in flooding Syria with anti-Assad rebels from the beginning of the "Syrian Spring." What Biden failed to mention was that Turkey was doing America's bidding at the time.

Those were the hopeful days when every anti-Assad rebel was a "freedom fighter" and Assad had only a few days or weeks to go before his brutal police state crumbled and democracy bloomed forth in its stead...

Another great example of plans going off the rails...

Now of course those freedom fighters have morphed into the most evil evildoers of all time. They are running wild throughout Syria and Iraq, sporting the best and the latest of American armaments, and threatening to over-run Jordan and Lebanon in the short term, and the rest of the neighbourhood a few months later.

To which the Nations of Virtue, who created this fanatical killing machine, are responding with yet another iteration of a "coalition of the not-so-willing" who propose to eliminate this threat to American hegemony in the Middle East by carpet bombing the Middle East.

That's bound to win us lots more hearts and minds...

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