Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Was Malala the intended target of Ottawa terror attack?

Today was the day youthful human rights phenom and Nobel winner Malala was to get her honorary Canadian citizenship.

You'd pretty much have to scour the fine print to know that said ceremony was going to happen in Toronto, not in Ottawa.

Honorary Canadian citizenship? You can forgive an aspiring martyr for assuming that would happen in Ottawa. So maybe Malala dodged another bullet.

While you can bet that the warmongers in the government of Canada can be counted on to milk today's events to the the max, it might be wise to bear in mind that it's not an unprecedented occurrence. In 1984 a gunman barged into the Quebec Legislature and shot down three people.

That was a more innocent age, however. That attack didn't result in an abrogation of civil liberties or a vilification of certain minorities.

Times have changed.

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