Saturday, October 4, 2014

Breaking News! Josh Wong to wed Malala; first-born to be named "Nobel"

Well that's a great omen for the future of freedom and democracy, wouldn't you agree?

Tireless teen freedom fighter in Hong Kong is hooking up with tireless womens' rights advocate Malala from London, formerly of Pakistan.

What a joy to see the torch of freedom being passed to the next generation!

The couple reported their engagement at a party hosted by French philosopher and bon-vivant Bernard-Henry Levi at his spacious vacation home in Tobruck, Libya.

The fact that both of these tireless human-rights advocates are technically "children" has thus far not raised any eyebrows. After all, if they're old enough to fight despotism and become global icons for the never-ending struggle for democracy, they're old enough to start a family!

Speaking of which, insiders report that the happy couple plan to name their first child "Nobel."

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