Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The terror threat in Canada

Canada PM Stephen Harper just spent five minutes on TV telling us Canada was under attack by terrorists.

Today's Ottawa incident could be nothing more than a suicide-by-cop event. We don't know, nor does Harper. However, he's quick on the draw in invoking the tragedy of innocent lives lost.

That's the same PM who glories in Canada's role in the destruction of Libya. If you recall, Canada "punched above its weight" in that glorious bloodbath. Any innocent lives lost in the bombs we dropped?

And look at Libya now. What a success story!

Let's not forget that Canada was one of the first of the Me-Too nations who are all aboard for dropping more bombs in the Middle East to combat this "Islamic State" we've been hearing so much about. While Canada's "terror" episodes are more likely than not about disgruntled individuals, our ever-eager kow-towing to the Obama agenda will sooner or later attract real terror.

Canada should stay home and mind Canada's business; after all, there's more than enough to do here.

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